MerMay, kinda #11

Fiction, Writing

We are fast approaching the end of the old work, and this segment had large sections that had been skipped and needed to be filled in. Soon we will be in the land of all new writing! Hopefully I can maintain this update schedule!

The Arms of the Ocean, cont.

As Marius lay down to stare at the ceiling for an indefinite amount of time, Rilla tossed in her sleep. Fitful and moaning, she seemed unable to sleep peacefully yet at the same time too tired to truly wake. When the alarm finally went off, she sat up with a jolt, panting and disoriented. Blinking and shaking her head, she fell back against her pillows again and took a deep breath, staring at her darkened ceiling and trying to focus.

“No more alcohol and sushi on weekdays,” she muttered, reaching a hand up and rubbing her face. “Though I sure hope sushi by itself is still okay.”