MerMay, kinda #10

Fiction, Writing

So we’re getting more into the parts of the story that are missing large holes of plot and transitions, and it’s up to me to fill them in! Hopefully with success! It’s almost like I’m turning May into my own aquatic NaNoWriMo! Actually, that’s not the worst idea, and I’ll have to ponder that for next year. Hmmm…

The Arms of the Ocean

“This is such a bad idea,” Marius muttered to himself as he sped home a little faster than was perhaps wise. Thankfully it was late, and in the middle of the week, so he wasn’t terribly concerned about being caught. “She’s attractive, she’s proven herself to have some depth, she seems intelligent enough. She’s entirely too young for me. Of course, most women are.”

Sighing, he shook his head and downshifted. Chris was more right than he had realized. If this girl was as important as Priska seemed to think she was, then Marius would indeed have to hurry up and figure out what it was he wanted from her. It didn’t help that he wasn’t certain just what Priska was driving at with all of this. He understood that it was strange and noteworthy that she could draw on the Song. He supposed that it could be a concern simply because he knew what that ability was capable of, and a human with that capability was outside of the laws of his kind. Yet this concept of potential, of finding this girl being a “gift” was simply not making sense to him.