MerMay, kinda #15

Fiction, Writing

And the new material begins! There will almost undoubtedly be some stylistic changes, considering that the original manuscript was started eight years ago and I’ve been through a bachelor’s degree and several life changes since then. Let us go forth and see what happens!

The Arms of the Ocean

The door opened and closed. Marius stood on the stoop for a moment and removed a glove before running a hand over his face. He then made his way back to the car a touch more swiftly than he might have otherwise. The small amount of Rilla’s essence that he’d taken hummed inside him, resonating like her voice did. It was strangely exhilarating in a way that few things had been since the Dive. He hadn’t taken much, just a taste, just enough to excite his senses. The craving for more was almost unbearable.

“What the hell am I doing,” he asked himself as he got back into the car. This was wrong, it was accelerating too quickly. If she had been any more forward they would be up in her bed right now. It was the sort of thing he didn’t do anymore. Not since he had been a young, reckless sailor on shore leave.