Once more, with feeling!

Memoir, Writing

Once upon a time, in an internet far, far away, there was an impressionable young writer who was told that someone with her skill and occasionally delightful way with words should probably have a blog or a personal website of some sort. And so, emboldened by the words of people who were not writers, the girl set forth and with hope in her heart, created her first personal website. It sank into the swamp – metaphorically, the swamp here being the cavernous maw that is the internet. And so she created another, and that too sank into the metaphorical swamp. Then she created a third, which caught on fire, fell over, and then sank into the swamp (still a metaphor). But the fourth one…also sank into the swamp. And here ends this lovely Monty Python reference.

However many tries later, here we are. This time the site has my name on it, and so therefore can follow me to my grave – it’s tethered now, no more sinking into obscurity if it doesn’t work out. That’s all right, though. There’s something to be said for taking ownership of your projects, however they may or may not turn out.

So then. Cross your fingers, toss the salt over your shoulder, run clockwise around a church three times, burn some incense, and wish on a star. Because here we go.

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